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            Hanis AlHabib is a company that produces premium quality shawls that has a variety of shades
            and colours to choose from with a little hint of sassiness in them. The company began its journey
            in the year 2018 with Farah Hanis as the founder. After immense work and strong passion on this
            brand, Hanis AlHabib has flourished into a brand that is well-loved by many and strives to
            continue spreading the love for hijab in the years to come.
            Currently, Hanis AlHabib operates through online platforms such as Instagram, Shopee, and
            WhatsApp. We also have a selected Verified Dropshippers in each state of Malaysia for people
            to conveniently collect their products. We hope to venture into the international market some
            day, so keep an eye out!
            Hanis AlHabib wishes everyone a happy shopping with us and don’t forget to leave a hint of
            sassiness wherever you go!

            - Love, Hanis AlHabib ♡