About Us

Hanis Alhabib shawls is definitely for your everyday essentials. It is made from light, breathable fabric of high quality material which brings luxury and glamorous look and it is perfect for everyday wear. Great for professional wear, warm weather and everyday styling. Every collection comes with more than 10 facsinating colors and each shawls are baby seam hemmed. It is measured at 180 cm x 70 cm with Hanis Alhabib solid metal tag attached with it. We believe that the element of “lightweight” and “flowy” in each of our shawls are the keys to the perfect shawl’s material. You can stay active all day long by wearing Hanis Alhabib. It compliments any of your outfit! Please be informed that colours may differ slightly due to camera flash / computer settings

• This piece is perfect for both formal and casual wear.

• You can style it easily with very nice flow effect.

• Easy to iron but be sure to keep heat on low.

• Most importantly, it is easy to shape and style as you want.