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      Hanis Alhabib limited edition hijab collection with CT Ray features Jawi Lettering and Islamic Architectural inspired designs which will be available in both long shawl and square scarf forms.

      Retaining our renowned long shawl dimension of 180cm x 70cm with square scarf dimension of 115cm x 115cm, Hanis AlHabib aims to maintain the comfort and quality that we have been delivering so far and going forward.

      Made from selected premium material of satin silk and matte satin silk, any hijab from this collection definitely radiate luxury, glamour and of course, a little hint of sassiness!

      Each and every piece of hijab in this collection will be delicately hand-packed with extra care in a custom limited edition magnetic box!
      Disclaimer Note: Actual colors may vary. This is due to computer monitors displaying colors differently so colors projected may be seen differently.

        Long Shawl
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        Square Scarf
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